So Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Let me take you back to when I started my own business almost 10 years ago in the Beauty Industry.

There were many aspects of owning and operating my Salon that I loved, but the best part was connecting with people and building strong, open and honest relationships with my clients.

Being required to ask questions to help establish a client’s personal and medical history was part of my salon procedures. Probing and prodding a little here and there to uncover what kept my clients awake at night, and determine their fears and frustrations really helped me understand and develop the right services and treatments to provide to them. You see I wanted to make a real difference to their lives.

I seemed to be hearing more and more about two emerging “trends” – Vitamin D deficiency amongst my clients and their discovery of a food allergy within their family.

I became intrigued and it made me wonder how many other people were suffering from a food allergy or similar ailments and were being miss–diagnosed and treated when the cause could be an allergy to food!

So, through my research I found 7 amazing people to interview and in bringing their stories together discovered they all had one thing in common… they all have a food allergy and were willing to tell their stories.

Next, I packaged-up the all the information into an easy-to-read user-friendly e-Book called “Life With Food Allergies – Seven Personal Stories.”

I hope in learning more about your food allergy you will feel empowered to take control as well as feel confident and prepared for the challenges you will face every day so that you can live your life to the full despite your food allergy or food intolerance.